Louis Yen Singapore

Louis Yen Singapore

We are one of the leading semiconductor distributors, VAR and catalogue reseller. Founded in 1996, we offer total solutions to our value customers such as VMI, stock buffering, and technical support and services

Our Vision

To be a major electronics components and semiconductors supplier whom reach out to customer globally using our innovative technologies.

Our Mission

We strive to be one of the best distributor in electronic components via our fully computerize ERP system, excellent warehousing, prompt delivery and wide variety of products at very competitive price.


Electronic Design and Kitting Services

Based in Taiwan, LY R&D Team comprises of 6 engineers, each with over 10-20 years of design experience.

With our expertise and dedication, LY is able to provide total solutions to our customers.

LY is also in partnership with various ODMs in ASEAN and Taiwan to strengthen our design service.

With our strong global sourcing networks, inventory support (worth US$8 million) and customized Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) program, we provide a stable and long-term kitting support to our team and partners. In addition, we can review your Bill of Materials (BOM) for completeness and accuracy of part numbers and availability.

The life span of components is dynamic and can vary dramatically. Leverage our supply chain relationships to gain access to hard-to-find and end of life (EOL) parts, we can research and recommend replacement components or purchasing strategies to extend the life of your product.

  1. Consumer
    • Lighting solutions
    • UPS power supply
    • Battery powered device
  2. Commercial
    • Emergency lighting
    • Medical equipment
    • POS (Point-of-Sales) system
  3. Industrial
    • Automation system
    • Precision instrumentation
    • Closed-loop controlled system
    • High speed mixed signal generator
    • High power motor drivers & power converters
  4. Robotics
    • Machine vision optics
    • Robotic motion control & motor controller
    • AGV (automated guided vehicle, mobile robot)
  5. Network & Communication
    • Broadband equipment
    • Design with wireless modules, ISM band, GSM/GPS, Bluetooth
  6. MCU and Software
    • ARM based microprocessor design & software development
    • Microcontroller design & firmware development (Cortex, Tenx, Tontek, Holtek, Microchip)
  7. Others
    • Re-design or Re-engineer of obsolete electronic circuit board

Louis Yen Singapore is a global company for trading and OEM in semiconductor industries.

Contact Info

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    60 Kaki Bukit Place,
    #04-01 Eunos Techpark,
    Singapore 415979
  • (+65) 6333 9155
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    (+65) 6333 4977